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is a website for Siri Senje and the screenwriting research project WRITING THE WRITER, based at Kristiania University College in Oslo, Norway.  

Siri is a screenwriter, dramaturg, stage director and professor of dramatic writing at Kristiania, currently heading the artistic research project WRITING THE WRITER and its team of three screenwriters in the development of an original drama series based on Henrik Ibsen´s turbulent years before his breakthrough. The project runs for three years (2023-2026) and is funded through the Norwegian Project Program for Artistic Research and Kristiania University College. Full project description to be found under Writing the Writer.

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Mini-bio for Siri:

 Siri Senje is a screenwriter, dramaturg, stage director and practice-based researcher. She teaches screenwriting and carries out artistic research at Kristiania University College, where she has been instrumental in building up the widely recognized program Bachelor in Screenwriting.

In 2023, Siri´s latest artistic research project, Writing the Writer, was granted major funding from the national Norwegian Artistic Research program. The project was launched in September 2023 and will run for three years (more info under Writing the Writer), with expected completion in June 2026.

Siri has written for theatre, film and television and published books for adolescents. Her practice-based screenwriting research has been published in the Journal of Screenwriting and Norwegian Media Journal (Norsk Medietidsskrift.) She has also written a blog on scriptwriting for the film magazine Rushprint. Previously, she has held positions as gatekeeper/script advisor at the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI), curator/dramaturg at Norwegian Center for New Playwriting. (Dramatikkens Hus),initiator/head of the Norwegian Drama Festival (Norsk Dramatikkfestival), and resident director at The National Stage (Den Nationale Scene) in Bergen and Rogaland Theatre in Stavanger. She has lectures and taught courses in a number of other Norwegian institutions, such as The Norwegian film school Oslo Metropolitan University, and the National Oslo Academy of the Arts (KHiO).

Siri completed her doctoral work in the Norwegian Fellowship Program for Artistic research at the Norwegian film school in 2013 with the project Imagining for the Screen – the original screenplay as poiesis. Her current research interests are in creative methodologies and screenplay development. Siri also holds an MFA in stage directing and has staged numerous productions at Norwegian residential theatres. In 2023 Siri was awarded the prize “Artistic Researcher of the Year” by Kristiania. 2020 Siri was appointed “Educator of Merit” for her innovative pedagogical work.